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The Tour: The Shire

"Welcome to The Shire. The Shire is a rural region in the west of Eriador populated by Hobbits. It is divided in four so-called Farthings: Eastfarthing, Southfarthing, Westfarthing and Northfarthing. Each Farthing covers about a quart of The Shire. The Shire is mainly populated by a friendly folk, called Hobbits. Frodo and I live in a Hobbit village called Hobbiton. Our hobbit-hole is built in the side of The Hill and it is called Bag-End. At the bottom of the Hill runs a river called The Water. I suggest we first go to Bag-End and take a look."

A hobbit dwelling Bag End
(AUDIO: Bilbo about Bag End)
"As most Hobbits, we live in a hole in the ground. As I put it so nicely before: "Not a nasty, dirty and wet hole, filled with the ends of worms and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare sandy hole with nothing in it to site down on or to eat. It's a Hobbit-hole so that means comfort. It has a perfectly round door like a porthole, painted green, with a shiny yellow brass knob in the exact middle. The Door opens on to a tube-shaped hall like a tunnel: a very comfortable tunnel without smoke, with panelled walls, and floors tiled and carpeted, provided with polished chairs. Bag End is a very large Hobbit-hole and it has a lot of rooms: pantries , bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes, kitchens, and dining rooms. If you look well, you can see The Water runs right outside my front door."

Gandalf comes to Hobbiton Gandalf's visits to Hobbiton
"Gandalf is a renowned visitor in Hobbiton and he has visited Frodo and me on numerous occasions. When Gandalf comes you simply know that there is something about to happen. He always comes with the best intentions, but he often brings bad news. This has given him a bad reputation as "stormcrow". The people in Hobbiton and in the rest of Middle-Earth, however, should never forget that without Gandalf all would have been lost. I can still remember when I was just sitting in my house, relaxing, when suddenly Gandalf decided to pay me a visit. Without me knowing it, he scratched some strange sign on my door and before I knew it I had visitors the day after: 13 dwarves and 1 Gandalf. Wait I have a picture that I can show you."

An unexpected party An Unexpected Party
"There was a knock on my door and a Dwarf entered. I was surprised but as I like visitors I did not mind so much, yet. Before I knew it, more and more Dwarves entered and started making themselves at home. In the end there were 13 dwarves in my house and Gandalf. They all wanted drinks and food, and as I wanted to be a good host I ran up and down, bringing them drinks and cooking food. Meanwhile they were just having fun, drinking ale and singing their songs. It turned out to be the beginning of an amazing adventure that would take me half way across Middle-Earth, while encountering Trolls, Orcs, Wolves and even a Dragon. It was during this adventure that I received the Ring. The same Ring that would be the reason for an even bigger quest..."

Greenhill Country The Beginning of many a Quest...
"Both my adventures and Frodo's quest began in The Shire. Somehow it always began with Gandalf visiting our house and then, before we knew it, we had to pack our knapsack in a rush, and start an adventure, often without even knowing exactly where we were going to or why. The journeys always started out in the friendly surroundings of the Shire, with its nice and friendly fields, hills and streams. But even the road from Hobbiton to Rivendell proved to be a difficult one with Black Riders, Old Man Willow, Barrow-weights, Trolls and numerous other dangers on the way."

"Rivendell is the next stop on our tour, are you ready to go?"

Sure Bilbo, let's go to Rivendell...
Show me the map again, I want to go somewhere else...
I am getting tired, let's stop this tour...

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Pictures in order of appearance
A Hobbit Dwelling: Ted Nasmith
Gandalf comes to Hobbiton: John Howe
An Unexpected Party: John Howe
Greenhill Country: Ted Nasmit

Audio: Colin Dalziel - Link: http://www.coldal.org.uk/quotes.htm

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