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People of Middle-Earth: Eomer
Eomer Names: Eomer
Date of Birth: 2991 T.A.
Parents: Eomund, Theodwyn
Race: Human
Weapon: Guthwine

In The Movie
Karl Urban
"Eomer was adopted together with his sister Eowyn by King Theoden of Rohan when their parents died. Eomer was a Marshall of the Mark when he encountered Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas during their pursuit of Merry and Pippin through Rohan. Although he first doubted the intentions of this strange group he soon learned the true identity of Aragorn. It was also Eomer who attacked and killed the group of Orcs that had captured Merry and Pippin allowing them to escape into Fangorn Forest. Aragorn and Eomer met again as Aragorn had predicted to fight side by side at the defense of Helm's Deep. After the battle for Helm's Deep he also rode to Minas Tirith to help in the defense of the city. After the death of King Theoden and the injuring of Eowyn, Eomer was overcome with anger as he led the Riders of the Mark to fight the enemy. After the Battle of the Pelennor Fields he was happy to learn that Eowyn could be healed. Eomer became the new King of the Mark. "

'Eowyn, Eowyn!' cried Eomer amid his tears. But she opened her eyes and said: Eomer! What joy is this? For they said that you were slain.

"I am afraid that this is the last person on our meeting list and that this concludes our Tour. I hope you enjoyed it. Perhaps you are interested in another great Tour?"

Sure Bilbo, I will take the Middle-Earth Locations Tour!!
Sure Bilbo, I will take the Middle-Earth Creatures Tour!!
Sure Bilbo, I will take the Middle-Earth Weapons & Items Tour!!

Show me the character list again, I still want to meet someone else...
Thanks for the Tour, I am tired let's stop this...

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